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The principal purpose of the National Gulf War Resource Center is to provide education and support to benefit veterans, active duty personnel and their families.


NGWRC is funded only by donations

NGWRC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and your donations are tax deductible. Our paperwork is on file with the state of Kansas. The NGWRC reserves the right to refuse donations from any groups or persons that views does not support ours.



What's New

Update for Sleep Apnea.

Follow the link to learn how to correctly file a claim for service-connected sleep apnea if you also have service-connected PTSD. You must have a nexus first.



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National Gulf War 2016 Annual Meeting &
Informational & Health Fair

We will talk about claimslatest treatments and research.

The annual meeting will be Sept 30th - Oct 1 in Washington DC.

For more information on the meeting read our news link.



NGWRC Self-help Guide


The Self-help Guide is your resource to help you navigate the Veterans Benefits Network when you file a service-connected disability claim for Gulf War Illness, Chronic Multi-symptom Illness, or other presumptive conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury.



To download the 85page Claims Guide


2016 Draft Guide download is a long time resource for veterans seeking help with Gulf War Illness and other chronic multisymptom illnesses.


Veterans Benefits Network



The Veterans Benefits Network forums are a great place for any veteran or service representative looking for information regarding a claim for veterans benefits. You may also go directly to the Gulf War Illness forum.


Payment options

What's New

The National Gulf War Resource Center (NGWRC) helps veterans affected by the 'invisible' injuries most common in the current conflict period, from 1989 to the present day, including Gulf War Illness (GWI) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Originally founded by veterans of Operation Desert Storm affected by GWI, our work has been critical in establishing the rights, treatments, and benefits which these veterans have access to now. GWI is still poorly understood and incurable. While no longer in denial, the VA and the Department of Defense (DOD) misallocate GWI research funds and overlook recommendations from the scientific community that may lead to better treatment. Claims for VA benefits related to GWI remain denied at a very high rate.

Since Operation Desert Storm, later conflicts, including Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, have brought many new 'invisible' injuries, especially TBI as well as a reduced frequency of new GWI cases among recent veterans deployed in and near Iraq.


What we do

Veterans Disability Benefits Claims 

We have a free to download guide for all veterans. We ask that you work with a good VSO and share this guide with them.

Many veterans receive injuries in the line of duty which impact quality of life later on. These veterans are due compensation to account for lost earning power and reduced quality of life. This is true whether the injury is visible or not. Our Self-Help Guide is the best independent, free resource anywhere for veterans with Gulf War Illness and other invisible injuries who seek help with the complex claims process of the Veterans Benefits Administration. You may also contact us for help and browse the rest of this site for answers specific to your situation.

Research and Treatment 

Our Executive Director, Jim Bunker, represents the interests of Veterans as a member of the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses, a congressionally mandated committee which advises the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs on research which may help improve the health of veterans who served in the Southwest Asia theater of operations.


We have a long record of promoting legislation to provide the care and benefits promised to veterans. Our current effort is a bill to allow caregivers to help veterans stay in their own homes longer. Our Presiden, Ronald E. Brown has been working non-stop to add new presumptive and to solve the claims rate issues.


We provide hands on training to help veterans and their service officers navigate the veterans disability claims process as it relates Gulf War Illness types of claim that are filed under 38 CFR 3.317.

Do remember you cannot file a claim for gulf war illnes only the symptoms of a undiagnosed illness or a diagnosed CMI' as per the 38 CFR 3.317



Operation Forgotten Warrior II

Is up and running we all need to be a part.


Forgotten Warrior II is a project to bring the VA understanding that we are still can findout more on the site. Gulf War Veterans, VA staff, and researchers together to improve the VA's services for these veterans, and help veterans of any era who have a Chronic Multisymptom Illness (such as Gulf War Illness, undiagnosed illness, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, or a digestive system illness with no structural cause) better navigate the VA health care and benefits systems as they are.





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